ConnectedValue adds the business logic and the financial layer to your Equipment as a Service offering​

How we support your business to create and share value with as-a-Service solutions

Value creation

Value sharing

Value funding

How MANUFACTURERS create and share value with Equipment as a Service

Power as a Service
Winning in the aftermarket ... by creating value from increasing lifetime and superior services
Imprint as a Service
Integrating all components and services into one offering to compensate for declining equipment sales ... but avoid attracting high risk users leading to higher costs and per unit prices.
Transport as a Service
Making the adoption of new technologies easier by helping customers to reduce CapEx and cash flow volatility
Diagnosis & Automation as a Service
Embedding 3rd party providers into your offering and pricing ... if the overall value is more than the sum of the parts

How INDUSTRIAL USERS save CapEx and reduce risks with pay for what you get

Pay per output
De-risking the adoption of new technology by aligning incentives with the manufacturer & integrator
Pay per revenues
To keep investments off the balance sheet and smoothen cash flows
Pay per use
Provide frame contracts and utilization commitments to strengthen your supplier ecosystem and reward asset modernization


Utilize your installed asset base by bundling it all in: assets, services, parts & consumables

Increase your deployed asset base by reducing investment needs and providing additional flexibility

Monetize on increased asset lifetime, performance and utilization (value sharing) of your solution

Support the adoption of new technologies and services by reducing the risks for your customers.

Advance your business model from a product sales to continuous customer relationship


Get the results, not the equipment.

Reduce capital expenditure and smoothen cash flows by paying for usage, output or result and not for the asset!

Get most value out of your equipment

Subscribe to the newest technology updates, but don’t take all the risks 

Align your interests with your supplier


Digitization, degree of solution integration and value levers are drivers for value-based business models

Businsess Model Integration

How to make equipment as a Service happen ... adding the financial layer to the digital twin